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The National Film Board of Canada is seeking personal stories from individuals and families whose lives are being changed – or have been changed – by genetic science, genetic testing, and genome sequencing. We are producing an interactive documentary about human genomics and are exploring the issues that this science confronts us with through real human stories.

We are interested in knowing about what might be happening in your life now, as well as what might have happened in the past.

  • Are you experiencing genetic discrimination from inside your family or other personal relationships?
  • Have you received your genetic results and acted on them, trusting that they are scientifically sound, only to later find out that they are falsifiable?
  • Are you on a mysterious diagnostic odyssey that only genetic sequencing might provide answers for?
  • Have you gone looking in your genome for certain clues about yourself, only to discover something else entirely that you were never expecting to find?
  • Did your life completely change in your genetic counsellor’s office one day? Are you anticipating a day where that kind of thing might happen?
  • Have you taken research about a certain genetic disease into your own hands? Are you a patient-researcher who is now out there on the hunt for a cure?
  • Have you unleashed big secrets that you never knew were in your family history by putting your genetic information into a database? Are you worried that you might?
  • Have you refused a genetic test or sequencing service out of fear of what you might discover? Out of fear of genetic discrimination?
  • How far would you go to change the effects of a genetic mutation that could shorten your life or cause you great harm?
  • How far would you go to change a genetic variant that may have enormous consequence in your life? Are you learning about gene therapy or gene editing?

This is just a starter list. There are other imaginable life-transforming scenarios out there that we haven’t yet dreamt up. What’s yours?

If any of this sounds familiar, please reach out to us and we will shortly get back to you.

Thank you for sharing your important story with us.